Digital History Goes Mainstream

Western historians interested in digital history will find the topics and themes listed on the call for papers for the 2010 American Association for History and Computing of great interest:

Digital History Goes Mainstream: The Role of Digital Technologies in Historical Scholarship, Teaching, and Society
November 5-7th George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia
Proposals due: September 10th

Any of these topics and themes are fair game for discussion in this blog and in our workshop at the WHA meeting in Nevada in October.


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Associate Professor of History, Ball State University
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2 Responses to Digital History Goes Mainstream

  1. Jana says:

    That link didn’t work for me, though I found the information here.

  2. dougseefeldt says:

    If have recently been informed that this conference has been canceled. However, the AAHC’s journal is a valuable resource for teaching and researching with digital resources and tools: Journal of the Association for History and Computing

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