Welcome Public Historians! Please Introduce Yourselves.

Are you a public historian, employed at a museum or archive or government office? Are you using digital technologies to help yo do your work and reach the public? Or are you “digital curious?”

One of our break-out sessions will be about Public History at the Digital Frontier. Our hope is to create a discussion where public historians can share their ideas, questions, and tips. It all starts here–so please tell us about yourself in the comments. I’ll go first!

One Reply to “Welcome Public Historians! Please Introduce Yourselves.”

  1. My name is Larry Cebula. I am Assistant Digital Archivist at the Washington State Archives and also an Associate Professor of History at Eastern Washington University, where I direct our Public History program. I blog about regional, public, and digital history at Northwest History. Sometimes I tweet. My most immediate goal is to learn how to embed hyperlinks in the comments here.

    As someone who trains public historians, I hope to learn at our session what kinds of technical questions and digital skills employers are looking for in a new hire. I am also eager to meet digital archivists and people with interesting digital projects.

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