Looking forward to Denver!

We are pleased to welcome you back to the blog “WHA Digital Frontiers,” created to support the Western History Association’s annual Digital History Workshop, planned this year for Friday, October 5, 2012 (1:00-3:30 PM) in the Gates Conference Room on the 5th floor of the Denver Public Library in Denver, CO (the WHA conference program includes a general description of the digital history workshop along with walking directions from the Hyatt to the DPL on p. 28).

The workshop is an opportunity for WHA members interested in the ways digital technologies can be (and are being) used in the classroom, in public history, and in research, to gather virtually here on the blog and in person at the WHA Conference to discuss interests, concerns, and ideas.

This year the Digital History Workshop is being facilitated by J. Wendel Cox, Ph.D., Senior Special Collection Librarian, Western History and Genealogy, Denver Public Library and will include three speakers. Wendel will provide details on the speakers and their topics in a separate post.

Whether tech guru or newbie, anyone interested in hearing about/discussing the increasingly significant roles digital technologies play in contemporary scholarship, teaching, and public history is welcome to contribute. We will have free wireless in the workshop so bring your laptop or other device to click along.

This blog is a place for potential attendees to begin the conversations and exchanges of ideas that they hope to continue in the workshop; we also ask contributors to share those resources, tools, examples of digital scholarship, online exhibits,  etc., that they have found noteworthy or helpful in their own work either before or after the workshop.

We’ll see you in Denver!

Douglas Seefeldt
Chair, WHA Technology Committee

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