Share Your Blogs, Digital Projects, Twitter handles, etc.

One way for those of us working on the Digital Frontier to get to know one another might be to share some links. Do you blog? Work on a digital project? Tweet? If you have a digital presence please share it in the comments.

4 Replies to “Share Your Blogs, Digital Projects, Twitter handles, etc.”

  1. I’ll go first. My name is Larry Cebula, I am Asisstant Digital Archivist for the State of Washington, an Associate Professor at Eastern Washington University, and an Associate Editor at the Papers of William F. Cody project. I blog at Northwest History ( where my topic usually revolve around public history, digital history, teaching, and the Pacific Northwest. My twitter handle is LarryCebula. I look forward to meeting all of you at the session.

    Who is next?

  2. Hello everyone! I am not able to come to Oakland this year, so it is nice to continue these conversations online.

    In the past two years, my digital profile has expanded dramatically–in part to support the publication of my first book, in part to collect resources for my next project, and in part to use spatial analysis to make sense of it all.

    It has led me to Facebook, Twitter, Hypercities, and more — and even to doing a teleconference on how academics should use digital media to better face out from the Academy. (Download that via this link:

    So, you can learn about St. Louis, the West, and the Civil War at and via its Facebook page (!/pages/The-Great-Heart-of-the-Republic-St-Louis-and-the-Cultural-Civil-War/) and my Twitter account, @adamarenson

    My new projects are explained in an entry on WHA President Quintard Taylor’s (via and the other through blog entries at , and I am using Hypercities (and perhaps Simile and other tools I learned about at the WHA Digital session in Lake Tahoe) to map these banks as well as provide access to historic maps of El Paso, through a public-history grant from the Redd Center for the Study of the Intermountain West.

    I look forward to hearing about other projects.

  3. I am Jason Heppler. I’m the Project Manager on the William F. Cody Archive (, a project of the University of Nebraska’s Center for Digital Research in the Humanities. I am also a PhD student specializing in the twentieth century American West and Digital History. I blog over at and you can catch me on Twitter (@jaheppler) or on Google+. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the WHA this year, so I’ll be following the WHA hashtag on Twitter closely.

  4. I’m Clayton Hanson a graduate student at Eastern Washington University and a park ranger with the National Park Service. I am interested in using digital tools to share interpretive content (especially history) with the public. If you want to see what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter (@claytonhanson), Google+ or friend me on Facebook!

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