What are your favorites?

Doug Seefeldt and Leslie Working suggested for those of us interested in the increasingly important role technology plays in our teaching, research and scholarship to share our favorite digital resources.  There are few opportunities for us to share what we use and gain some understanding of what else is out there.  We need to share what we have – our best digital practices.

As one interested in multiple digital technologies, I find myself drawn to a few key tools. I appreciate Zotero as a research tool. It is a free, open-source, and now extendable note taking tool that allows for automatic bibliographic file creation.

I also am interested in Anthologize, a new application for WordPress blogs that “Use[s] the power of WordPress to transform online content into an electronic book.”

We are not all about the tools we use, but also about the research we are involved in. I have been fortunate to be using the variety of digital methods available through MIT’s Simile Project. Timeline gives us new ways of viewing data over time, while Exhibit extends our understanding of information through maps, timelines and graphs in a simple and easily implementable manner.

These are just some of the tools that I use and am interested in. What are you interested in and what do you use? Why do you use what you do?

2 Replies to “What are your favorites?”

  1. As a side note: I’ll have some anthologize shwag to hand out at the WHA conference and will also be prepared to discuss the features that we’re rolling out in the 0.5 alpha release later this month 🙂

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