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I'm a public historian who has worked in the archives profession since 1998. I'm a certified archivist and also certifiably devoted to the history of the American West. I've been working at the Montana Historical Society in Helena, MT, since 2005 and I'm currently the senior photograph archivist in the MHS Research Center. I've also worked in Arizona (nearly 7 years) and Colorado (nearly one year), and a brief project in Utah. I'm also a Christian, of the Presbyterian variety, and that colors the way I view the world and the things I do and love.

Jeff Malcomson: ExploreBig: The Struggle to Develop a Mobile App for Montana History

I am pleased to have the opportunity to present in the 2016 Six-Shooters session. I am a public historian with nearly 20 years of experience as an archivist in the West. Since 2005 I’ve worked at the Montana Historical Society (MHS) Research Center … Continue reading

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